The Designers


The Designers


Francesca Guzzo-Whyte

A pioneer in her field, Francesca has been making couture gowns for over 30 years. At the age of 25, Francesca started her atelier and was one of the first Canadian designers to show a full collection in the New York Bridal Market. With her innovative designs and unparalleled craftsmanship, every upscale bridal boutique wanted to carry her line.
Francesca finds her interaction with each Bride a source of inspiration when it comes to designing. Her warm, welcoming personality invites Brides to feel comfortable and enjoy every step of their gown making process.


Jaclyn Whyte

Jaclyn inherited her love of fashion design from her Mother. A talented designer in her own right, Jaclyn brings a sense of contemporary style to each dress, adding a layer of creativity that blends seamlessly with Francesca’s timeless designs.
Her enthusiasm and genuine desire to create a beautiful and personalized final product leaves a strong and lasting impression on every Bride.
With their combined passion and talent for designing, Francesca and Jaclyn are a design force, creating gowns fit for a princess.