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creating your perfect dress


creating your perfect dress

The Experience

Whether you choose from the exclusive collection or have a personalized custom gown designed, the process is the same.

Using exquisite fabrics from around the world, each gown is sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished with hand-executed techniques by experienced seamstresses in the field.

The fit of the gown is of utmost importance. Francesca and Jaclyn will create a gown that will fit to perfection.

The gown in the Making - What to Expect...

During the eight to twelve months it takes to create the perfect dress, the Designers strive to form a relationship of trust with their Brides. A bond of friendship is forged as every Whyte Bride has a place in the hearts of the Designers who created their dress.

Creating a ‘masterpiece’ involves a detailed and intricate process that begins with the initial consultation.


Step 1: The Consultation

The designers meet the Bride and get to know and understand what she wants based on style, fabric, the construction of the gown, and her preferred budget. Once the design is finalized, a detailed sketch is developed and presented to the Bride. Measurements are taken and her first fitting is scheduled.

Step 2: The Canvas Fitting

A muslin shell of the dress is prepared and pinned on the Bride to ensure the perfect fit. Her personalized pattern is ready to be cut.

Step 3: The Lining Fitting

The lining of the gown is cut and prepared for a fitting. The dress is taking shape as the gown is constructed form the inside out.

Step 4: The Full Fitting

The gown is cut and sewn together. In this fitting the Bride can see her creation taking form. Details are then discussed and finalized.

Step 5: The Detailed Fitting

The gown is near completion and the final touches are added. Modifications and adjustments are made if needed.

Step 6: The Final Fitting

The gown is completed to perfection. One last final check as the Designers walk the Bride through an extensive dress rehearsal to ensure that she is comfortable in her gown and looks perfect from head to toe. The Bride is now ready to walk the aisle.